Partners & Affiliations

Universidad Azteca de Chalco partners with higher education providers and universities globally.

Partnerships cover the joint provision of higher education programs, double degree programs, the mutual recognition of transfer credits and academic degrees, exchange of professors and students.

All partnerships aim at synergizing study opportunities in maximizing the choices and access for students.

Austrian partners

FAF Fachakademie für Finanzdienstleister

Academy of Financial Services

Wien, Austria

Fachverband der Abfall- und Abwasserwirtschaft der WKO

Federal Economic Chamber branch of

Waste Management

Wien, Austria

(see: Termine und Veranstaltungen)

EMCA academy für wirtschaft+technik

Wien & Leobersdorf, Austria

Inter-Universitäres Kolleg für Gesundheit und Entwicklung

Graz / Seggau 

Paramed Bildungszentrum Zentrum für Komplementärmedizin

CH 6342 Baar 

Minimed health sciences

Innsbruck, Austria

Biova Aurach
Aurach, Wien, Linz, Innsbruck 

Akademie für Lebens- und Sozialberatung

DDr. Banffy, Innsbruck, Austria

Rehabilitationsstätte DDr. Banffy

Innsbruck, Austria

European Partners


Department of Human Communication

International Association of NLP Institutes

International Coaching Institutes Association

NLP-Nielsen, Berlin, Germany

International Programmes:

International University of Business & Law

Cherkov, Ukraine

IUBL is listed with IAU - UNESCO under the Ukrainian name: 

Privatnij Vishij Navčalnij Zaklad Mižnarodnij Universitet Biznesu i Prava

IUBL (MUBIP) Accreditation: International University of Business and Law (English name) or (Privatnij Vishij Navčalnij Zaklad) Mižnarodnij Universitet Biznesu i Prava (Ukrainian name) is accredited at levels II , III  and IV (highest accreditation level) according to Ukrainian higher education laws.

See the level IV or PhD-Accreditation of IUBL or MUBIP

See English translation of the Accreditation Certificate

Corporate Partners & Supporters:

Höpperger Abfallwirtschaft

Rietz, Austria

DAKA Abfallwirtschaft

Schwaz, Austria

Baufeld Austria Abfallwirtschaft

Vienna, Austria

AVE Waste Management  

Prague, Czech Republic

UCN Universidad Central de Nicaragua

Sede Matriz:
Frente a Radio 580 Reparto El Carmen,

Managua, Nicaragua, América Central


Various postgraduate double degree programmes, academic and student exchange programmes

Indian Green Valley Research Foundation

AZTECA International Network FZE

Office for Asia Region

Office No. 330, Rakeen Building.

Ras Al Khaimah UAE
Tel. 00971 7 2433281 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              00971 7 2433281      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Dean Lic. Zemeer Nayar Padikkal

E-mail: zemeer AT

Green Valley is a not for profit Government registered Trust

a  group of  researchers backed  with rich experience  in the field of research in alliance with eminent scholars to extend support to those who are interested in original research with a real talent for research

Programs of Universidad Azteca are equivalent to the programs conducted by Universities in India as per letter No.EV/II(371)/2010/1925 dtd 2nd March 2010 of Association of Indian Universities, Department of Foreign Degree Evaluation, New Delhi.

For New Study Centres all over India and Nepal please contact Dr.Subramonian, Director, Green Valley Research Foundation. Contact no: +91 9486616127 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +91 9486616127      end_of_the_skype_highlighting,
Email id:

University of Azteca (Universidad Azteca de Chalco)

In collaboration with the University of Azteca, Green Valley Research Foundation is offering Ph.D Programs and M.BA Programs to suit all working executives and students.


India and globally in English language postgraduate business programmes with Universidad Azteca: MITSDE

MIT School of Distance Education (MITSDE) courses are completely flexible. Students can begin whenever they like and take 1.5 times more that of a classroom program. MITSDE provides the teaching modules together with assignment support via telephone and e-mail. The courses are packed with information and are intensive in their approach.


MIT School of Distance Education is Recognized by Distance Education Council, Govt. of India
Distance Education Council  provides academic guidelines to promote excellence, encourage use of innovative technologies in the field of Online and Distance learning system.


VTI - Institute 

VTI Vocational Training Institute, represented by Dr. Rechal Abdool Sayfoo, Principal, per address 99, John Kennedy Avenue; VACOAS, MAURITIUS, is postsecondary education provider recognised nationally by the Mauritius Qualifications Authority MQA, and internationally by City and Guilds C&G London, the National Safety Council of Australia NSCA offering courses and diploma programmes.  

Business School Partners

Universidad Azteca collaborates with Business Schools in validating the programmes and engaging in double degree programmes.

UGSM-Monarch Business School

Programme Information